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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Villa Fujairah, UAE

Architectural talent can still be exported, and horizons that open to Tunisian expertise are very broad, ranging from Africa to the Middle East.Archi-Mag looks at the particular experience of a consultancy firm established by architects Tunisian Dubai.
At a time when the "City" of Dubai announced a withdrawal in investment, and where architects are beginning to flee to other Eldorados, resists this office by Tunisian know-how and cutting-edge attitude.Here is the story of a house made in Fujairah on the east coast of the UAE, by the design office Tunisian "Draw Link": This is a turnkey project, from design to design up 'execution.

Sometimes the site opens the way to great ideas. This was the case with this holiday villa located in one of the most beautiful areas of the UAE, a hundred kilometers from Dubai, among palm trees, mountains, and the Indian

In addition to a substantive renovation; finishes, lighting, electrical, plumbing, painting ..., the city needed a complete restructuring and an extension to incorporate new components to the program as requested by the owner. The goal was to make it a peaceful oasis, a refuge from the bustle family of Dubai.Thus, a double height volume was added to the front of the waterfront to create a very large open space with maximum transparency made possible by a north-east optimal. This area comprises lounge and kitchen with dining area. On the floor after the parent has been won on an existing deck.
The house should also be fully furnished. The furniture was carefully chosen for its simple lines and comfort. The coating materials and fabrics were selected in natural colors, reminiscent of the mountains, sand and sea, reflect the immediate environment of the villa.

White was chosen as predominant color for interiors and outdoors. The light is spread evenly and gives a feeling of serenity and freshness.
Sometimes modern architecture ignores its context. This villa dialogue perfectly with its environment, not just its outward appearance, but also with its interior and its decoration.
Glimpses of blue ocean round out the color palette in the living room. Wood, warm and friendly, has been used in some areas. The pool converted using natural materials like wood and thick slate, according to a spatial logic innovative.
Inside, the initial four bedrooms - two and two Upstairs in the DRC - have been converted into five bedrooms suites, bathed in the light that pours through large windows, suggesting the sound of waves on the shore, the distant cry of seagulls and the singing of the wind as if it was wrapped around this architecture.
"Before we started work, the villa was a banal architecture, without character. Only the land had value. The existing house was completely dilapidated.
The idea was to make a secondary modern and attractive villa "A difficulty that was having to adapt to the existing structure was added to other constraints: they must act quickly, using materials available on the local walk and have the work carried by ordinary masons available in this area somewhat remote or the actual companies refuse to go: it's very close to the constraints imposed on us by the Tunisian market in the end ... "

What was originally an outdoor pool with bows unattractive disproportionate, became a real SPA, worthy of a 5 star hotel.
"Among the difficulties associated with pre-existing structure, there was the fact that the house was elevated one meter above the level of the garden and pool. To mitigate this failure and to find continuity between inside and outside a set of terraces and planted tanks was put in place "
The garden has been replanted with a green lawn to keep a clear view. Only a few palm trees have been planted in the middle, and massive trees on the right boundary walls will hide somehow a neighborhood unattractive.
A pergola is made of teak were implanted in the host for a shaded bench and bar / grill.



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