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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tropical Green Home: Modern Villa, Malaysia

Modern green villa is a villa that became the dream of every person to occupy it. Designed with the concept of green with plants that meet every room of this villa.
This Setia Eco Park Modern Villa is located in the oil palm plantations, in the County Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.TWS Partners designed this modern villa with concept of the tropical green home, and dedicated to the upper middle class market. Modern green villa is very suitable to spend the holiday weekend, or to stay when He went away from recreation on the weekends

Type of texture and color villas and diversity refers to the wealth of tropical architecture in general. Apparently, the design concept of the tropical green home is very wise to tropical Asian architectural gardens in this villa, but also green plants up to the roof of this modern villa, making this modern green villa occupants increases cool and comfortable.
Modern green villa with a garden on the left and right there is a small pond containing ornamental fish, and house break stage, interior design living room with a thick red carpet, and bedroom designs that look so beautiful with its white color, and bathroom with a large tub that is white. A modern green villa is very beautiful for the weekend.
Design concept of modern architecture style with aspects of the tropical green home is perfect for the Asian building. Roof garden in a modern design to get out of the direct orientation of the house that has more value as a villa. Canopy on the roof holding a solar panel that reduces 30% of the energy consumed by the villa. Semi open design interior interpret good air circulation into the room. The usage of wide canopy in the top part of the building also play a double role, as a place for solar panel, beside as a canopy. This amount of solar panel was calculated to reduce 30 % of energy consumed within this villa.

architect:.TWS Partners
location: Syah Alam district, 15 minutes ride from Kuala Lumpur

Solid and Beautiful : Rainshine Modern House,USA

Rainshine modern house has an interesting shape of the building, with wide roof and outer walls are made with great accuracy.The house is named for two benefits that arise from its most noticeable feature: A butterfly roof routes Rainfall into a 2,500-gallon rainharvest system, located in the basement.bus architecture
Located in Decatur, Georgia, United States, by architect Robert M.Cain. Interior design has a fairly modern and beautiful. Rainshine modern house interior design consists of three bedrooms, with some guest bedroom, and kitchen, dining room and living room. Material mix of wood with metal and steel on the interior of the house rainshine makes so solid and beautiful.

The roof is oriented to maximize the Shine on the building’s southern exposure, which includes a photovoltaic system.Light shelves around the clerestory sills bounce and diffuse natural light throughout the interior.
Rainshine modern house also has a large garden both at the side of the house or in front of the house, where there is a garden beside the rainshine house can be planted with various kinds of good crops of vegetables, or fruits and other medicinal plants.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Contemporary Mosque:Dubai Mosque From the Heart,UEA

The Dubai Mosque Incorporates contemporary design with Islamic style. Dubai Mosque, designed by architect Fari Hatam, of Aedas, has received much praise for its remarkable mix between contemporary and Islamic design.

Dedicated to be a centre for information and education, the mosque consists of three elements – a dome, a cube and a minaret. Three main elements make up a mosque - a dome, a cube and a minaret. Hatam used Dubai Mosque as an opportunity to push the limits of how these elements can be connected in one form.

Dubai Mosque was a response to what Hatam saw as a city that was misguided and misdirected. 'When I first came to Dubai, everyone was doing the 'World's Biggest This' and the 'World's Tallest That', he said. 'That was the standard. Only a few people were really looking at truly Islamic architecture and no one was concentrating on the mosque.'

His remarkable contemporary design has garnered much international press. ’ . This mosque came from the heart,' said Hatan. 'There was no brief for this, there was no client, that's what makes it so unique.' An enormous amount of research went into how the building would cast shadows from the sun.

source: andes

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wood Hilltop House

this house was designed by the house on stilts, because they are on the geographic side, so that fits in with the style of the house design stage. Hilltop House is a design house located in a forest area. Most of the basic ingredients of the Hilltop House is a timber, utilizing the existing natural conditions in the vicinity.

Hilltop House is designed with two floors, where in one of the architects designing the second floor of a room to be able to blend with the natural surrounding of this space we can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.
Outdoor kitchens in this house are on the ground floor and is designed by combining the basic material of forest wood



Forest House in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

This house uses material from the timber. So if you see on almost all the interior design is a combination of wood and concrete materials. In the wake of an area of 650 m2, and began to build in 2005 and completed in 200. Forest house is the result of the work of Jorge Covarrubias and Benjamin Gonzalez Henze

Forest house has a basement that can be used to garage a car and a place to relax. A swimming pool behind the house to decorate the forest park, with lounge beds, as well as in her living room benches and tables that exist in this space almost quasi-made from a mixture of wood. Bathroom and a beautiful bed with the materials of wood. Forest home is located in Mexico.

architect: Jorge Covarrubias, Benjamin Gonzalez Henze
location : Mexico


Contemporary Style Garden House

Contemporary house was designed by architect Jacobsen with an area of 580 sqm. Natural atmosphere is so apparent in this house cool, and comfortable. Fresh air in the morning we will be able to enjoy and breathe every day when we opened the windows of the this GR house, because the green trees as providers of fresh air is always faithful to accompany this gr contemporary house garden. bus architecture
GR house is a design house that created the contemporary style and not too fancy, but who becomes special from house gr is located in his garden, where in this GR house garden there are many green plants that grow in house gardens this gr, even not only in the garden, but also at GR house indoors have green trees that look contemporary GR house graced the of this corner.
architect: Jacobsen
area : 580 sqm


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens: Dubai (I)

The City: Scaled around walk-able distances that provide easy access to food, healthcare and education, this enlightened model of urban planning will help reverse the Gulf’s existing commuter culture that has eroded both communities and the environment.Celebrating the intricate geometry of Arabian art and science its 56 million square feet of verdant parks and gardens divide an 880 million square foot city into a network of sustainable neighbourhoods, each containing the molecule of daily life. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens represent the most innovative approach to urban form to be found anywhere in the Middle East.

The Form: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens offer a culturally resonant alternative to the sterile Western-style street grids that currently dominate the Middle East. It maps the movements of celestial bodies through the vastness of space, etching them onto a brass plate that can be held in the palm of the hand. Dubai is likewise a product of great imagination: A royal vision for a modern city that has risen from an ancient land. To base a new city plan upon an object embodying 2000 years of human invention is to build upon the bedrock of civilisation itself.They replace those rigid, rectilinear lines with the sweeping arcs and circles of the planispheric astrolabe; an instrument perfected by Islamic scholars, craftsmen and astronomers. Fusing the spheres of art and astronomy into an intricate object of enduring beauty, the astrolabe represents one of the greatest leaps of human imagination.

The Gardens: A literal translation of the astrolabe’s ornate brass rete, the city’s parks and gardens form a lush green net that catches all the cultural and residential districts within its spreading strands. The lungs of the city, these linear public parks act as carbon sinks that purify the surrounding air while providing shaded ‘green corridors’ that support sustainable modes of transport. Drawing upon the rich heritage of Islamic landscape design the Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens will be a city of canals and fountains, pools and lakes. Their cooling surfaces shall temper the heat of the day, while the sound of trickling water will help create oases of calm amidst the busy metropolis. With garlands of golf courses, bridleways, cycle paths and promenades, the citizens will have ample opportunity to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, China

The Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is seen in Beijing, Sunday, July 6, 2008. Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium will host badminton and rhythmic gymnastics competitions for the Beijing Olympic Games, which open Aug 8. (AP Photo/Beijing Tourism Administration, HO). Post-Games function: The Gym will provide spaces for activities of students and faculty, whilst facilitating the training of the badminton teams affiliated with the International Badminton Federation and the General Administration of Sports. The gymnasium will occassionally be open to the public.bus architecture
Located on the site of the University of Technology, in the Chaoyang District in Beijing, China, the venue is the only one being used for the 2008 Olympics to be situated in the south east of the city.
Olympic officials are keen to point out that the venue boasts the ‘largest pre-stressed suspension dome ceiling in the world’ with the impressive roof spanning 93 metres in diameter.
A main competition hall and a warm-up hall occupy the 24,383 square metres of the gymnasium, with a seating capacity of 7,500 fans who will come to watch the rhythmic gymnastics and badminton competitors fighting it out for Olympic glory.


Resedential Tower: Infinity Tower in Dubai

amazing building. Designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill, the international award-winning architectural firm, the building is a masterpiece of contemporary design and style. The architects have used open-space architectural concepts to ensure that there are no pillars anywhere in the building, creating a true sense of space and light.

At 330 metres in height, Infinity is the highest twisting tower in the world. But remarkable though this unique achievement is, it’s just one of the features that makes Infinity so extraordinary.
This extraordinary design will make Infinity a classic of 21st century architecture, a tribute to the power of design and the role it can play in our lives.

When the team began their task, they were inspired both by the unique setting of Dubai Marina and the dynamic simplicity to be found in the organic curves of nature.

Height : 330 metres (1,083 ft)
Floors : 80
Architect : Skidmore, Owings and Merrill


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