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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Solid and Beautiful : Rainshine Modern House,USA

Rainshine modern house has an interesting shape of the building, with wide roof and outer walls are made with great accuracy.The house is named for two benefits that arise from its most noticeable feature: A butterfly roof routes Rainfall into a 2,500-gallon rainharvest system, located in the basement.bus architecture
Located in Decatur, Georgia, United States, by architect Robert M.Cain. Interior design has a fairly modern and beautiful. Rainshine modern house interior design consists of three bedrooms, with some guest bedroom, and kitchen, dining room and living room. Material mix of wood with metal and steel on the interior of the house rainshine makes so solid and beautiful.

The roof is oriented to maximize the Shine on the building’s southern exposure, which includes a photovoltaic system.Light shelves around the clerestory sills bounce and diffuse natural light throughout the interior.
Rainshine modern house also has a large garden both at the side of the house or in front of the house, where there is a garden beside the rainshine house can be planted with various kinds of good crops of vegetables, or fruits and other medicinal plants.


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