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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tropical Green Home: Modern Villa, Malaysia

Modern green villa is a villa that became the dream of every person to occupy it. Designed with the concept of green with plants that meet every room of this villa.
This Setia Eco Park Modern Villa is located in the oil palm plantations, in the County Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.TWS Partners designed this modern villa with concept of the tropical green home, and dedicated to the upper middle class market. Modern green villa is very suitable to spend the holiday weekend, or to stay when He went away from recreation on the weekends

Type of texture and color villas and diversity refers to the wealth of tropical architecture in general. Apparently, the design concept of the tropical green home is very wise to tropical Asian architectural gardens in this villa, but also green plants up to the roof of this modern villa, making this modern green villa occupants increases cool and comfortable.
Modern green villa with a garden on the left and right there is a small pond containing ornamental fish, and house break stage, interior design living room with a thick red carpet, and bedroom designs that look so beautiful with its white color, and bathroom with a large tub that is white. A modern green villa is very beautiful for the weekend.
Design concept of modern architecture style with aspects of the tropical green home is perfect for the Asian building. Roof garden in a modern design to get out of the direct orientation of the house that has more value as a villa. Canopy on the roof holding a solar panel that reduces 30% of the energy consumed by the villa. Semi open design interior interpret good air circulation into the room. The usage of wide canopy in the top part of the building also play a double role, as a place for solar panel, beside as a canopy. This amount of solar panel was calculated to reduce 30 % of energy consumed within this villa.

architect:.TWS Partners
location: Syah Alam district, 15 minutes ride from Kuala Lumpur


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