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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forest House in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

This house uses material from the timber. So if you see on almost all the interior design is a combination of wood and concrete materials. In the wake of an area of 650 m2, and began to build in 2005 and completed in 200. Forest house is the result of the work of Jorge Covarrubias and Benjamin Gonzalez Henze

Forest house has a basement that can be used to garage a car and a place to relax. A swimming pool behind the house to decorate the forest park, with lounge beds, as well as in her living room benches and tables that exist in this space almost quasi-made from a mixture of wood. Bathroom and a beautiful bed with the materials of wood. Forest home is located in Mexico.

architect: Jorge Covarrubias, Benjamin Gonzalez Henze
location : Mexico



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