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Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing of Samitaur Tower

Conceptually, the tower has both introverted and extroverted planning objectives. Internal to the burgeoning site area of new media companies, graphic designers, and general office tenants, the tower will symbolize the advent of this important new urban development, provide a changing art display for local viewing, and offer a variety of graphic content and data on its five screens concerning coming events and current achievements of the tenants who occupy that part of the city.

     The Samitaur Tower is an information tower, constructed at the corner of Hayden Avenue and National Boulevard immediately across from the new Expo light rail line arriving from downtown Los Angeles in June, 2011. That intersection is the primary entry point into the re-developed zone of Culver City.

    Externally, the tower displays culturally significant content and local event information, along with art and graphic presentations of all sorts available to in-car audiences who pass the site area, traveling on a number of local thoroughfares in the Culver City / West Los Angeles area. In addition to the large number of cars passing the site, the Expo Line has an estimated ridership of 30,000 passengers per day with two local stops several blocks east and west of the site. The presence of the train riders guarantees an enormous daily audience of Tower art viewers, as well as an increase in pedestrians in the area, who will walk past the Tower from the train stops to local businesses.

  All the buildings in the immediate area are governed by a 56 foot height limit. The Samitaur Tower height is an important exception to the local height rule. The project is 72 feet high, measured from grade, and includes an open-air, excavated, concrete seating and staging space at its base that begins at minus 12 feet, and housing for all the electronic and media related equipment for the Tower.

 The tower consists of five circular steel rings, approximately 30 feet in diameter. The rings are stacked vertically at 12 foot floor-to-floor intervals, and, as the height increases, the rings are staggered in plan, back and forth – to the north, east, south, and west – in order to establish proximity and viewing angles for various levels at various heights. Projection screens at each floor are to be seen from cars on surrounding surface streets, from freeways, by passengers at train stops, from on-board the moving trains, and from area pedestrians at a variety of key walking and viewing points. Between each pair of staggered horizontal circular steel planes, the curving, conical projection screens are installed. Behind the screens, hung from the tower floors are a number of digital projectors, 10 in all, that will rear-project onto the translucent acrylic screens.

    Inside the screens, steel decks are provided for viewers to look out at the city, and for a maintenance staff who will service the projectors and screens.

    The Tower has a glazed elevator in an enclosed glass shaft, and an open stairway to the top, so the Tower will be used as a viewing platform to overlook the city, but its primary objective is to distribute art and other relevant content to the local and the in-transit audiences passing by.

  There are several target audiences that account for the positioning of the five screens. First is the traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway, several blocks to the north, one of the most highly trafficked freeway routes in Los Angeles. Second, the intersection of La Cienega Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard, several blocks from the site, another of the highly trafficked intersections in the city, and the location of the primary new, elevated train stop. Third is the corner of Hayden and National itself, adjacent to the project, which is also a signaled, highly trafficked east-west route. Finally, there is one screen, just above grade level, that, unlike the other four, faces the re-development site. That screen will be used by local audiences, seated on the terraced concrete bleachers that step down to the below grade portion of the project where a stage for speakers and performers is provided.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Luxury villas Bali : Alila Hotels & Resorts

holiday villas in luxury villas. Indonesia has things so well that people want to visit the beautiful region including Bali. ituated along the southwest coast of Bali in the Tabanan Regency, the beachfront all-pool-villa resort is just 20 minutes from the famed Tanah Lot Temple, one of Bali’s most sacred religious site, and over an hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Alila Villas Soori is luxury villas bali. This modern architecture villas bali is a part of Alila Hotels & Resorts, the 48 villas offers an area of 1,680 square meters for a one bedroom villa, a town of 49,500 square feet with 10 rooms. Each villa comes with their own private lap-pool, a gourmet bar, Apple entertainment suite, as well as in-villa hospitalities and facilities serviced by a dedicated villa host. Alila Villas Soori is Alila’s fourth resort in Bali and comes under its new Alila Villas brand. Located off the beaten path, this resort is situated on a gentle slope between verdant rice terraces, black sand beaches with panoramic views over the Indian Ocean. Another beautiful and impressive holiday villa design.
Designed by SCDA Architects, Alila Villas Soori is set amongst beautiful black-sand beaches and verdant rice terraces with the mystical Mount Batukaru in the distant horizon behind the resort. All of its 48 pool villas are designed to accommodate the views of the surrounding beach, sea and paddy fields, while still maintaining privacy and shelter. Thanks to this huge and impressive on the island, the architects of the Supreme Council to complete the design of a modern, comfortable and welcoming called Alila Villas Soori, this villa is a new hotel and residential district of the city lies on the south-west Bali, Indonesia.


contemporary box garden green house Brazil

architect. This contemporary box garden green house designed by architect Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados. custom house plans ans house plans boxes for moving house the use of an incredible cantilever, strategic lighting and a slight tilt to the roof line turn a modernist concrete. The beauty of this clean house more complete when night came, the lighting is so pretty in the garden add to the beautiful scenery of this park at night. the designs Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados are masters not only of architecture and continuity but also of adaption and flexibility.
These box buildings may have simple shapes and functional plans but they are anything but boring. exterior house designs like Walls of the house is painted with white color outside and inside, , as well as a beautiful garden with grass and green plants. the house located in Brazil.

architecture firm has made minimalism the driving concept of their dynamic contemporary designs, from single-family houses to multi-unit homes and mixed-used projects.with the outdoor swimming pool, contemporary kitchens, then this house is perfect.

architect : Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados
area : 260.00 sqm
locatoin : brazil


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tropical Green Home: Modern Villa, Malaysia

Modern green villa is a villa that became the dream of every person to occupy it. Designed with the concept of green with plants that meet every room of this villa.
This Setia Eco Park Modern Villa is located in the oil palm plantations, in the County Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.TWS Partners designed this modern villa with concept of the tropical green home, and dedicated to the upper middle class market. Modern green villa is very suitable to spend the holiday weekend, or to stay when He went away from recreation on the weekends

Type of texture and color villas and diversity refers to the wealth of tropical architecture in general. Apparently, the design concept of the tropical green home is very wise to tropical Asian architectural gardens in this villa, but also green plants up to the roof of this modern villa, making this modern green villa occupants increases cool and comfortable.
Modern green villa with a garden on the left and right there is a small pond containing ornamental fish, and house break stage, interior design living room with a thick red carpet, and bedroom designs that look so beautiful with its white color, and bathroom with a large tub that is white. A modern green villa is very beautiful for the weekend.
Design concept of modern architecture style with aspects of the tropical green home is perfect for the Asian building. Roof garden in a modern design to get out of the direct orientation of the house that has more value as a villa. Canopy on the roof holding a solar panel that reduces 30% of the energy consumed by the villa. Semi open design interior interpret good air circulation into the room. The usage of wide canopy in the top part of the building also play a double role, as a place for solar panel, beside as a canopy. This amount of solar panel was calculated to reduce 30 % of energy consumed within this villa.

architect:.TWS Partners
location: Syah Alam district, 15 minutes ride from Kuala Lumpur

Solid and Beautiful : Rainshine Modern House,USA

Rainshine modern house has an interesting shape of the building, with wide roof and outer walls are made with great accuracy.The house is named for two benefits that arise from its most noticeable feature: A butterfly roof routes Rainfall into a 2,500-gallon rainharvest system, located in the basement.bus architecture
Located in Decatur, Georgia, United States, by architect Robert M.Cain. Interior design has a fairly modern and beautiful. Rainshine modern house interior design consists of three bedrooms, with some guest bedroom, and kitchen, dining room and living room. Material mix of wood with metal and steel on the interior of the house rainshine makes so solid and beautiful.

The roof is oriented to maximize the Shine on the building’s southern exposure, which includes a photovoltaic system.Light shelves around the clerestory sills bounce and diffuse natural light throughout the interior.
Rainshine modern house also has a large garden both at the side of the house or in front of the house, where there is a garden beside the rainshine house can be planted with various kinds of good crops of vegetables, or fruits and other medicinal plants.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Contemporary Mosque:Dubai Mosque From the Heart,UEA

The Dubai Mosque Incorporates contemporary design with Islamic style. Dubai Mosque, designed by architect Fari Hatam, of Aedas, has received much praise for its remarkable mix between contemporary and Islamic design.

Dedicated to be a centre for information and education, the mosque consists of three elements – a dome, a cube and a minaret. Three main elements make up a mosque - a dome, a cube and a minaret. Hatam used Dubai Mosque as an opportunity to push the limits of how these elements can be connected in one form.

Dubai Mosque was a response to what Hatam saw as a city that was misguided and misdirected. 'When I first came to Dubai, everyone was doing the 'World's Biggest This' and the 'World's Tallest That', he said. 'That was the standard. Only a few people were really looking at truly Islamic architecture and no one was concentrating on the mosque.'

His remarkable contemporary design has garnered much international press. ’ . This mosque came from the heart,' said Hatan. 'There was no brief for this, there was no client, that's what makes it so unique.' An enormous amount of research went into how the building would cast shadows from the sun.

source: andes

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wood Hilltop House

this house was designed by the house on stilts, because they are on the geographic side, so that fits in with the style of the house design stage. Hilltop House is a design house located in a forest area. Most of the basic ingredients of the Hilltop House is a timber, utilizing the existing natural conditions in the vicinity.

Hilltop House is designed with two floors, where in one of the architects designing the second floor of a room to be able to blend with the natural surrounding of this space we can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.
Outdoor kitchens in this house are on the ground floor and is designed by combining the basic material of forest wood



Forest House in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

This house uses material from the timber. So if you see on almost all the interior design is a combination of wood and concrete materials. In the wake of an area of 650 m2, and began to build in 2005 and completed in 200. Forest house is the result of the work of Jorge Covarrubias and Benjamin Gonzalez Henze

Forest house has a basement that can be used to garage a car and a place to relax. A swimming pool behind the house to decorate the forest park, with lounge beds, as well as in her living room benches and tables that exist in this space almost quasi-made from a mixture of wood. Bathroom and a beautiful bed with the materials of wood. Forest home is located in Mexico.

architect: Jorge Covarrubias, Benjamin Gonzalez Henze
location : Mexico


Contemporary Style Garden House

Contemporary house was designed by architect Jacobsen with an area of 580 sqm. Natural atmosphere is so apparent in this house cool, and comfortable. Fresh air in the morning we will be able to enjoy and breathe every day when we opened the windows of the this GR house, because the green trees as providers of fresh air is always faithful to accompany this gr contemporary house garden. bus architecture
GR house is a design house that created the contemporary style and not too fancy, but who becomes special from house gr is located in his garden, where in this GR house garden there are many green plants that grow in house gardens this gr, even not only in the garden, but also at GR house indoors have green trees that look contemporary GR house graced the of this corner.
architect: Jacobsen
area : 580 sqm


Indonesia job


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