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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the Port of Kaohsiung and the Cruise Terminal

HMC Architects Proposal vision iconic gateway to the City of Kaohsiung, and the lens into the world from the inside-outside visualized. This creates a new datum which invites urban attitude to allow new connections between visitors, residents, and Kaohsiung City. This gateway is designed to serve as encouragement of physical and economical for the purpose of City waterfront transformation of the industrial past into a future that invites.

As a sustainable structure that resonates seamlessly with its context, the design of buildings carved by the forces of nature. Its envelope calculated tilt exterior shading themselves closely calibrate the path of the sun and wind to allow the building was mostly glass to achieve exceptional energy performance. The wide elevated boardwalk and a green roof promote biodiversity and improve the planting of green index to allow the design to target EEWH Silver certification. The design also qualify for LEED Gold certification and to achieve LEED Platinum certification with further evaluation

The proposed 300,000-SF, eight-story terminal efficient, adaptive, and obviously while fostering an interactive space that embraces the poetic and a vibrant urban coincidence. This program consists of international shipping and ferry terminal, 700-space parking garage underground, and the Port Bureau office. In a search for peace in the opportunity to travel, interior spaces bathed in natural light with a comfortable and overlooking the ocean and the city to create a lifting experience for maritime and commuter travelers.

Its transparency to optimize the way-finding, is a key element in the mitigation of human movement, allowing the building to effectively embrace the constant movement of users and accommodate the inclusion of the occasional sudden large volume of cruise ship passengers.


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