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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Design Word Cup Stadium Qatar, 2022 (2)

Very slim chance of Qatar to host world cup 2022. Qatar is considered too small to hold a world cup caliber event and requires extra work and exceptional in terms of providing logistics. In addition to plans to build 12 stadiums and provide advanced technology to cool the temperature inside the stadium to around 27 degrees Celsius, the temperature outside was in orbit 40 degrees or more-which incidentally Qatar Islamic state, will also be moderate, allowing the use of alcoholic beverages for the fans in certain areas. The plan, FIFA will decide which country will host the word cup 2018 and 2022 at a meeting held in Zurich, 2 December
Khalifa International Satdium in Al-Rayyan. Major renovation. Expected capacity 68,030. qatar-002 The showpiece stadium and venue for the World Cup final, the Lusail Iconic Stadium will be a masterpiece of engineering. The stadium will have a near circular footprint and will be surrounded by a vast moat
Al-Shamal Stadium in Al-Shamal. To be built. Expected capacity 45,120. The stadium's shape derives from traditional fishing boats known as 'dhow'
Al-Khor Stadium in Al-Khor. To be built. Expected capacity 45,330. Access to the stadium will be made easy, even for people travelling from Bahrain, which is only 51 minutes away by high-speed rail
Education City Stadium in Al-Rayyan. To be built. Expected capacity 45,350. Following the World Cup, the stadium will be downsized to 25,000 seats for use by the University hockey team
sport-003 Sports City Stadium in Doha. To be built. Expected capacity 47,560. sport-004 A bird's eye view shows how the stadium draws inspiration from traditional Arab tents

sport-010 Al-Wakrah Stadium in Al-Wakrah. To be built. Expected capacity 45,120. sport-011 Home to Al-Wakrah football team, the current stadium only holds 20,000 fans.

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