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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sekolah Hijau, Green School Bali (II)

"We are one with nature, and indeed the situation here will be much different if if there are some windows here. So I thought, they had a chance to be a conservationist and loving environment. Because they they've had experience with nature at a very young age. And maybe that could change the world, "said Lee Wood, a teacher at the school. Being on both sides of the slopes of the Ayung River, connected by a bridge that resembles bamboo roof gadang Minangkabau style, and around the buildings spread out the rice field, a glimpse of the complex Green School is more like villas than school. More over, the school complex is tucked among a row of expensive villas along the Ayung River.
Hardy is really exploring the curved bamboo. There are no rigid shapes with straight lines and sharp corners in building Green Schools. Bench seating was arranged freely, unlike the school in general that lined rigid. All the furniture is also made from bamboo.Green Schools To build this complex, Hardy and his team of PT Bambu many uses of bamboo petung from Java, because the supply of bamboo from Bali is no longer sufficient. To develop the cultivation of bamboo in Bali, now Hardy founded the Foundation Meranggi. For business this bamboo cultivation, he learned a lot from Linda Garland, bamboo expert from the International Bamboo Foundation in Bali.

source: greenschool


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