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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sekolah Hijau, Green School Bali (I)

Schools where the most unique on this planet? How about an international school in the middle of tropical forest in Bali? Green or environmentally friendly school is entirely made of bamboo, standing on a land area of eight hectares of dense forest. Here there is no air conditioning, walls, uniforms, or plastic garbage that littered the ground, but composting toilets and sewage systems that can be recycled. School for students on international and Indonesia is trying to change the way education is expensive. This is the way most young students at Green School start their day. They sing while sitting on a small pillow colorful. Class room made of bamboo-shaped dome, with a traditional roof made of leaves and surrounded by green gardens.
Green School building complex has become one of the 19 nominee Aga Khan architecture award 2010. Moreover, housing reconstruction projects in earthquake victims Ngibikan Village, Bantul, Yogyakarta, which is designed architect Eko Prawoto, enter in row nominee. Green Schools and Ngibikan project will compete with Ipekyol textile factory building in Edirne, Turkey; Palmyra House in Albagh, India; and Wadi Hanifa Wetlands complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, gaining awards Aga Khan, October.

source: greenschool


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